The Simple & Elegant Solution for Rapidly Communicating with Your Employees via SMS

CrewMinders provides companies with a user-friendly and efficient way to engage with
their employees and gather crucial data within minutes. 

Keep your employees engaged and informed

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Rapid Communication

Whatever the message, big or small, CrewMinders makes communicating effortless & straightforward.

We've made it fun to ask, "Did you get the memo?"

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Custom questionnaires

CrewMinders provides users with a variety of question types that you can use to customize your memos. 

Yes/No, Multiple Choice, Statement, Checklist, Numeric Value, Short Form and Opinion Scale . . . just to name a few

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Instantaneous Results

The moment your employees start responding, you can see those results.

Watch how your memo is performing via the results dashboard, or download a CSV to see how each of your employees responded 


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Endless Possibilities...

CrewMinders allows you to personally craft memos for a variety of use cases. General communications, safety training, daily status updates, customer feedback, manager assessments, employee surveying . . . the only limit is your imagination!

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Create It...

We know building questionnaires can be complex, but not with CrewMinders. Our customers tell us they love our intuitive and efficient user experience.

Handle every aspect of your memo in one centralized area: Create it, Share it, See your results. Build your pages on the right, and watch your memo come to life on the left. You can even see a live preview of exactly what your employees will receive.

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Share It...

Tailor and target your custom messaging to specific employees or teams, or company wide.

Automate your communication by scheduling memos in advance, or send them out instantly. 

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See Your Results!

Memo results update in real time as your employees respond. 

See the big picture on the dashboard, or download results to dive deep into the details.

Simple & Straightforward...Let's Get Crafting